MedWorxs is a hosting based system working through the internet. It is not a web based application. In such we can offer a far greater variation of applications. Through our advanced datacenter we can offer our Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Billing solutions, The full Windows Office Suite, Adobe Professional and Enterprise level Email to anywhere you have an internet connection and a device with the below listed systems. Because we are host based there are no in house server requirements, non are needed, just workstations, laptops, tablets with a connection.

The Evolution application has been completely developed in house using Microsoft technology and a multiple clustered SQL Server Enterprise level database servers. All of your data, images, card scans are stored in the most advanced storage attached network (SAN) stack available.

MedWorxs has built a very sophisticated communications system which allows us to interface with virtually any data source. It can handle any version of HL7 messages, flat files, Excel files, basically we can consume almost anything thrown at us.

Our datacenter has complete redundant systems such as generator backup, two types of fire suppression, multiple security layers, sonnet ring fiber internet service to mention a few. All of our servers have multiple RAID5 configured drives with redundant network connections, hot swap power supplies etc to be sure you systems are always operational. We are happy to provide an extremely high uptime as a result. Your backups are handled nightly through our robotic backup system, truly looks like something from a science fiction movie.

We are very proud of the robust system we have built and enjoy talking about it so please give us a call - 720-961-4050 or email if you have any questions or would like further details

Supported Operating system and devices:

Below is a representative diagram of our network architecture:

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